Episode 71: Midgets and Microtransactions

We have returned! In this extra-long episode you have the joy of listening to Rachel do things she likes doing (like reading *gasp*) as we all hold back our excitement about talking about Ready Player One with her. Robin comes back from New Mexico with a lovely Iron Man bracelet courtesy of her boyfriend and a level 36 Hunter on Destiny courtesy of herself. Drew does a little gaming and Jeff does a lot. Ok, we’re done now…Nah.


We explore the rationale behind microtransactions and season passes. Here’s a hint: we don’t agree with each other about their worth. If you’re wondering about the midgets, well, you’re just going to have to listen for Jeff’s first guess at the secret meaning behind Drew’s Knite20 name. You won’t be disappointed.

News for the week:

Far Cry Primal is revealed whether UbiSoft likes it or not.
Twitch App for PlayStation comes this fall so you can see our faces on your other screen.
PS4 update happens and messaging goes all kinds of weird (in Robin’s opinion).
PS4 price cut after two years…saw that one coming.
Times Square’s Best Buy Theater is now the PlayStation Theater – Live shows to be broadcast to consoles!
Naughty Dog says 80% of PS4 owners never played Uncharted. (Not for long with the collection!)
Destiny introduces microtransactions with the Tess Eververse Trading Company (Jeff is going to dance like crazy).

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